Diversity In Lingerie

30V to 32G

30V to 32G

What does a white, slightly petite female have to complain about diversity in bras?

Because I had surgery.  I have deformed breasts apparently.  Either they are an unfair advantage – hrm, I thought they looked normal enough.  Or they don’t fill a bra properly – but wouldn’t that be a disadvantage?

So, my first and possibly only bra picture because http://www.bralessinbrasil.com/2013/08/diversityinlingerie.html has started a needed discussion.  And Curvy Kate pissed me off enough to take a picture of my breasts in just a bra.

So, I’m trying this out

Well, http://bybabysrules.com/ let me rant away on her blog.  I won’t claim I’m any good at blogging, but I should have my own little corner I guess.

http://bybabysrules.com/2013/09/30/guest-post-the-other-side-of-curvy-kates-discrimination/ is me.  Those are my breasts pictured at the bottom, in a 32G bra. 

I will not post/share any comments that degrade surgery.  I don’t care if you don’t like it.  I had to have it, so I refuse to say anyone shouldn’t have surgery if they need it or it makes them happy.  I may dislike the end result, but those aren’t my breasts, so I can keep my fat mouth shut. 

Might get nail polish pictures, probably won’t get many bra pictures.  It was nerve wracking enough to take the one.